Preliminary Overview of Blosser Lane Elementary School Services and Supports During Remote Learning

Preliminary Overview of Blosser Lane Elementary School Services and Supports During Remote Instruction - more to come soon

In order to get off to a great new school year at Blosser Lane Elementary, and to ensure remote learning is as smooth and as successful as possible, we plan to offer a variety of instructional opportunities. Below are some initial details, with more coming soon, as we move toward beginning school on August 31st.

·         Daily, direct contact by your child’s teacher with every student, is critical.  This could be on the phone, online, or in some cases, in-person at school while observing the health guidelines during COVID. Each teacher will have daily online office hours.

·         Online platforms and programs, but not limited to, include: Google Classroom, Google Meet, Class Dojo, Raz Kids-Reading A-Z, IXL, Everyday Math (ConnectEd), and Clever (Benchmark Reading) will be used. 

·         If your child has IEP services such as counseling, educational support, or speech and language instruction, those services will continue, using some of the above-named formats. Contact Kelley Labus or Juanita Mann at 707.459.5314 for specific information. Your child’s service provider will begin contacting students after August 24th.

·         The State of California set the requirement for the number of daily instructional minutes for the 2020-2021 school year as follows: 180 minutes for kindergarten, 230 minutes for grades 1 through 3, and 240 minutes for grades 4 through 12. The minutes your child spends in a variety of educational activities such as working online with the teacher and class, working independently, working with his/her teacher or assistant by phone or in person, working online with a small ability-leveled group, and/or practicing skills in assigned games and activities all count toward that time requirement.

·         We plan to send home a bag of basic materials your child can use to learn at home. These include items such as pencils, crayons, workbooks, etc….

·         Our teachers may have instructional assistants who will also be connecting with students online, via phone, and as needed and allowable, in person.  

·         Daily attendance during online instruction will be taken, and attendance, as during at-school instruction is critical.

·         Internet access locations at school will be available using social distancing and safety procedures.

·         Our office team will begin calling families on August 17th through August 21st to complete a phone survey, and will be mailing specific information to families on August 18-19th. Please ensure that your contact information is up-to-date in your Aeries Parent Portal. You can access the Parent Portal at

·         To assist with this year’s program, teachers plan to have a “Back-to-School Week” – Parent/Teacher Conference style. They will meet via Google Meet online or in person with parents/caregivers and students during the first week of school. Teachers will contact you about a time. This is an opportunity to learn how students will meet daily with the teacher, and to ask questions. 

 We value our partnership with families and caregivers. Please help us communicate and connect with you by responding to teacher calls or emails; additionally, establishing expectations and routines for off-site instruction will also support your child’s success. Again, please ensure the school has your current contact information and feel free to reach out to staff if you or your child is having difficulty with the instruction, assignments, motivation, or stress. You can reach the Blosser Lane principal, Nancy Runberg at Our school phone number is 707.459.3232. The office will open August 17th.

Thank you and check back for more upcoming information. Take care and be well.