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Mackenzie Erickson

Mackenzie Erickson, 1 day ago

Parents please take this short survey
This will help us to improve our school.
Thank you,
Ms. Erickson

Mark Westerburg

Mark Westerburg, 2 days ago

Mark your calendars for Hot Winter's Night 2019.

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Mark Westerburg

Mark Westerburg, 4 days ago

Mark your calendars for Hot Winter's Night 2020.

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Maria De Los Munguia

Maria De Los Munguia, 4 days ago

Hello BGMS Parents,
This is Ms. Munguia will announcement for this week. We hope that everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving Day, and break, with lots of food and fun. As we move further into the second trimester, I want to remind parents what students have for homework. Every student should be reading 30 pages of their AR book every night, and they have Math homework four days a week, Monday through Thursday. In sports this week we have three days of Basketball games. Tuesday the teams play Eagle Peak, the boys at home, and the girls at Eagle Peak, including the girls C team. On Wednesday, the teams play Fort Bragg, the girls at home, and the boys at Fort Bragg. On Thursday only the girls play Upper Lake at Upper Lake. For all of these days the games begin at 4:00 pm. We would like every parent to take the time to read the information in the BGMS Parent Newsletter sent in the mail with your student’s report card. Thank you for your attention and good bye.

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